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Who We Are...
Sirius Oilfield is a Nigerian company in partnership with Norscot exploration and production to provide specialized field support solutions for the Upstream Energy Sector in areas of Exploration and Production, integrated Drilling services which involves Field Development including Testing, Valuation, Drilling and Simulation
What we offer
We also offer technical and engineering support services for other Sub-Sectors of the Hydrocarbon Industry. We provide complete field operations for production, routine maintenance checks, facility upgrade and service support.
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Active trade and service presence in Sub-saharan Africa
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provide dynamic solutions that do not contravene industry best Practices
Our Clients

Our clients are fully committed, growth and diversification is our drive

Our clients include Energy Companies majorly involved in Exploration and Production. Sirius Oil Field Support Services is set to operate the Sirius Energy Oil Field Block (Grein Block) in Niger Republic covering 22,020 km, while in Equitorial Guinea, exploration and oil field arrangement are in place with G.E. Petrol.

Our Committment

Leading Oil and Gas services in Africa

At Sirius Oil Field Support Services Limited, we work towards being one of the Leading Oil and Gas services and resource support companies in Africa with efficient, pro-active and innovative solutions.


Sirius is one of Africa’s fastest growiing energy groups with interests in oil and gas, power generation, exploration and production, real estate, shipping, and financial services

We are driven by the ambition to provide superlative products and services that exceed expectations in whichever sector we operate

As a truly global operation, we have offices in London, Dubai and the Niger Republic, in addition to our two Nigerian offices. We have also expanded to Senegal and Sierra Leone with further plans to expand to Kazakhstan


Our active trade and service presence in sub-Saharan Africa offers a wealth of opportunities

The current demand for increased energy production presents the energy sector with very specific challenges. By constantly and carefully reviewing these challenges, we can ensure that we provide informed and relevant energy support services for our clients

Whatever your demands and budget and whatever the prevalent market trends, with Sirius, you can be sure of excellence in both products and services


Complex business challenges require dynamic responses. That’s why we have developed a group of companies that can deliver solutions efficiently and effectively, wherever and whenever they are needed

From day one, we have always operated within an international business environment. this as allowed us to gain an in-depth understanding of global energy needs and, building on this foundation, we set out to create a one-stop energy supermarket for our clients.

As is now clear, this was only the beginning. Today, our interests and concerns are still very much related but far more diverse.

Whether it’s providing resources or enhancing productive capacity, managing investments or establishing trade links, organizing workshops or developing skills, manufacturing equipment or funding research into alternative energy, we remain committed to building a brighter future and a better world